Triceratops Foam Latex Puppet - Sculpt, mold, Cast, & Paint Video

edited June 2015 in Dino Art Contest
This is a Poly Foam Filled Latex Puppet I made a year or so back. Sculpted in WED clay, sculpt dimensions are around
H 20"xW 12.5"X D 18.5"

The project had a 3 day turn around deadline. 

I am lucky enough to call the great Don Lanning my good friend and sculpting mentor on few small gigs. He was able to loan me extra stone, and mold wall clay for me to finish the project when I was in a pinch with stores closed in the middle of the night! I truly wouldn't have been able finish on deadline with out his help!

Molded with a 3 piece stone mold, a mix of different stone types to handle the stress of larger pieces, wounder where I learned that from............. Paint is dry brush and stippling, along with using the latexes natural yellow to bleed through as color too. In the end it was a 72LB stone mold.  

I messed around with a very crude mechanical puppet mouth, but ended up plucking all the foam out the inside, making it a hand puppet, and epoxying hard plates in the mouth for finger concealment, and control. 

All skills learned on SWSCA website, and I am now a working full time PAID Special Effects Artist & Fabricator. Thank you for the videos along the way, it really helped me when I told some wise lies of "of course I know how to do that" to a few LP's and directors......and then immediately racing home praying that there was already a video made on SWSCA for that task given........yup. 




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