Being of Ib

Hi all, this is my first post here so thought I'd start with a few recent pieces.

I just finished painting this ugly little guy. He's based on the beings of Ib from Lovecraft's The Doom That Came To Sarnath.
Sculpted in Super Sculpey and painted with acrylics.


This started as just a practice piece after watching Don Lanning's Character Design lesson but I decided I liked it enough to finish it.
Roughly half scale, sculpted in WED and cast in latex.


Lastly a latex mask based on the witch Celuluk from Balinese mythology.


Thanks for looking.


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    Im glad you decided to finish it because I like that one the most. You did a great job on that one. The other two are awesome too.
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    Great job all around Josh! Do you have any good links for casting and molding sculpts?
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    I love these! Great job!
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    Thanks for the comments guys.

    Daniel, aside from the SWS lessons here are some other tutorials I've found useful.
    For silicone molds and resin casting Smooth-On has some great videos for Basic & Advanced molding and casting. Brick In The Yard's Youtube channel also has some good videos. 

    For plaster molds and latex casting I found these step-by-step tutorials by Evan Campbell on mold making & latex casting quite useful when I was getting started and Devil's Workshop  has a great tutorial covering the whole process of latex mask making from sculpt to paint.

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    Wow Josh, Thanks for the links! Awesome links! Jesus, now to MAKE the time to watch all these and apply the info!
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    Excellent work! I especially love the Celuluk mask. Super cool and creepy!
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    amazing sculptures, love them!
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