Deinonychus - Full Size Sculpture

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Hello everyone, this is my full scale deinonychus sculpture. It was made using air drying clay. It is supported on a steel frame, used materials such as foam and cardboard to make the basic shapes and then added the clay on top. I wanted it to have a dynamic posture so I thought I should try to make it look as if it is looking for something to eat, like a game warden :P Ok, that wasn't funny, that guy was cool. It stands on one leg, the steel structure is visible at its base. The head has some paint on it since at first I only wanted to do that. But then I did some research and I found its size manageable so I went on and started working on the body. It is the second dinosaur I ever attempted so I tried quite a few ways to make the scales look as realistic as I could possibly do . Still needs work but I wanted to share it. Thanks a lot for the opportunity.  
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