Photo series the book of dreams: need a person to collaborate on the creation of a mask

hi I'm dawn. I'm working on a fine art photo series that is a magical realism narrative called The Book of Dreams. The series is an exploration of meeting people in dreams and how they never appear the way you know them. In this case I'm meeting people that have passed on from our world and I meet them again through the world of dreams. The people I meet wear masks all of which will be animal type masks. I'm looking to create a mask that is based on a deer. The deer is inspired by my grandpa who took me to deer forest as a child. The image will be shot in his garage which essentially is like a time capsule with a calendar still on the wall from the 70s. I want the mask to have grand and tall antlers and represent his personality. He was strong and tall.  He saved lives in the steel mill and he was a Chicago union leader.  
Id like to collaborate with someone and I'll pay for the materials. I'll give you a print of the finished piece and of course it will be shot well which will be a great portfolio piece for you as well. If this works well, I may use you for additional masks. If you are wondering what the work looks like... One image is complete in the series and can be seen at look under artist section and then dawn rosenquist. The mask in this image came from the wb prop house and was from the 30's. You can send emails to konductivity(at)



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