Aquilops - a recently described chicken-sized relative of Triceratops

Hi everybody,
My name is Brian Engh and I'd like to share an illustration I recently created for the Raymond Alf Museum of Paleontology to accompany the announcement of a new species of dinosaur called Aquilops americanus. The little creature is a chicken sized relative of Triceratops, that lived around 40 million years before Triceratops. Interestingly, that makes it the earliest member of the horned dinosaur family found in North America (it's close relatives are all Asian). Everything in the illustration is based on the fossil record and things we can learn from modern plants and animals. I hope you enjoy!

The small mammal featured is called Gobiconodon, and it is found in the same strata as Aquilops. All of the foliage is also based on fossils from the same strata as well.

To learn more about the science and art that went into creating this piece you should check out this article on my website:

and/or watch this talk I did on the art process at a recent event called Nerd Nite SF:
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