Chris Spillers - Week One Homework

Greets Everyone!!!
I was on the watch and chat level last week and couldn't resist upgrading.  I look forward to meeting all of you :D
I'm brand new to the art, literally started sculpting just a few weeks ago, when I joined the site.

Any horrible fifth grade level work is due to my lack of artistic ability.  Any work that may look as though it has some level of quality to it is purely a testament to the skill of the instructors LOL

A little late on the homework, but better late than never right?  If I had a dollar for every time I started over, I could buy us all dinner haha
I added a small detail in the bridge of the nose that is only visible in the closeup of the face.  The extreme closeup is showing texture, I was kinda pleased with myself on that one, I just wish it stood out a little more.

And no.. I'm not admitting just how much time I have wrapped up in this thing!!! lol



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