Process questions before next weeks class

Hi there. I missed the first live chat last week as I am in Sydney Australia, and completely confused my times and dates. So I wanted to apologise to John that I wasn't present. I was horribly disappointed to know I had missed out, but I have watched the video since and I just wanted to say that I have learnt so much already.

I am somewhat of a novice at teeth making so I am a little confused as to how to prepare for next weeks class, as there are loads of supplies that I need to order from overseas, and i need to plan ahead or I won't make the 20th of June deadline.

So here are a couple of quick questions I have, and please bare with me as some of these may be rookie questions.

1- the initial vacuform plastic layer on the plaster positive... Is this going to be worn directly on the teeth of the model? If so, is the plastic John used considered dental grade and therefore "safe" and would standard vacuform (or  PETG) still be suitable for professional application, or is it suitable only to show that you have understood the process (but really shouldn't be worn by someone)?

2- In relation to the vacuform sheeting, the turm 040... is this 0.040mm? I'm having trouble sourcing anything under 0.5mm. Is this too thick for what we need?
3- Are we using a vacuum former again in the next class? I will either need to build one from scratch, or outsource. 

4 - Also, will we be marked less if we do not use a vacuum de-gass machine or a paint pot? I know they are part of what makes this process interesting, but I am poor and would need to buy from overseas and wait for delivery to Australia (which again may mean I miss the deadline). 

That's it from me.

Thank everyone at SWSCA for a fantastic class and of corse to John for sharing his skills with us. 

Till next week!



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    those plastics should be just fine. .040 or .020 in inches. yes vacuform is needed to match the technique but not for a class pass.
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    Thanks for taking the time to comment John. I appreciate it! I hope your feeling better!
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