T-rex Maquette - Main Road Attack.

Hi gang, I’m new to the forum. After seeing all the great Dino Art Contest entries I was inspired to join and share some of my work. Here goes.

This is a maquette I sculpted a few years back depicting one of my favourite scenes from JP. It was a project I had been planning for a long time in my head and after graduating Uni I was finally able to set aside some time and bring it to life.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was sculpted with Chavant NSP Hard clay on an aluminium wire and balsa wood armature. Small details like the teeth and claws were made using Sculpey Firm. She measures 17 inches from head to tail. Everything was made from scratch including the Ford Explorer which was built from a mixture of materials including MDF, balsa wood, car body filler, Sculpey and styrene. After the sculpt was completed I molded it in silicone and cast a rigid copy in Polyurethane resin. Everything was painted by hand with acrylics and I used chalk pastels for shading. Finally I included a battery pack and LEDs concealed inside the car to illuminate the head and tail lights.

I hope you like it. Thanks for looking.

Here are some pictures I took with atmospheric lighting.

And some WIP pictures showing the unpainted clay sculpt. (Barbasol can to illustrate the scale) ;)


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