New practical effects film being made in Germany

hi everyone.  I am not sure if this is the right location for this, but I stumbled across this kickstarter for an independent feature film set in the late 1880's.


Since all of us here enjoy the art of practical effects, i think this might be a cool way to support films like this and help keep films using practical effects.




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    Hi Matthew,

    You posted in the right place!   Vert cool project.  I love seeing how crowdfunding is making projects like this possible.  Such a great time to be an independent filmmaker.

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    I think that it really helps these true independent film makers.   20 years ago, it was a lot harder to find funding and now crowd funding is helping to fund a lot of projects.

    now, it still means the film makers need to present thier project well, but at least more people have a chance to participate.
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