Nuclear Apocalypse Zombie Paintball Mask!!!!

Hello everyone! I've just recently picked up commission to make zombie masks for Pittsburgh Paintball Park, a paintball company in Pittsburgh (duh!) I contacted their company, we had a sit down, and everything went tremendous! I received full creative freedom in the designs, and I have just recently finished the first proof of concept to show before the order goes through. Honestly, I've very proud of the sculpture, and I'd love it if you all could tell me what you think. I had issues with the sculpt at first due to the fact that I had to sculpt over a paintball mask. But, all in all, I couldn't be happier with how the sculpt came out. Though, I have been having some issues with painting ( my weakest skill) I think that with this prototype I've been able to find out what changes to make in terms of color and highlights. I hope you enjoy!

And as always,

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  • Love the design!

    For the painting, I would give it a nice base coat in a fun zombie skin tone, use a couple dark washes that can settle into the details and then be wiped away with a rag, and then lightly dry brush on some highlights.  Finish with some details and splatter.

    Can't wait to see the rest of the masks and how this one turns out!

  • Thanks Chris! I'll be honest, painting is my weakest skill, but i'll definitely try the paint scheme you were talking about . I'm super excited to sculpt the next two designs, hopefully once there's a quality check by my client, i'll be able to get the green light and start blasting these guys out. Honestly it's kind of terrifying taking on a project this big, my client placed an order of 100!!!!
  • With 100 to produce I would try and keep the paint job simple for assembly line style painting.

    Here's a better broken down version of the process I mentioned above:

    Flesh tone base coat, green base pass for the boils, dark brown wash over the entire mask to pop details, light skin tone dry brush to pop highlights on the face, yellow or light green dry brush to pop highlights on the boils.  Finish with a little blood/slime spatter.  

    I would also look into a easy spray on matt/low gloss sealant to protect your paint job.  And if you want to get fancy you can brush on some high-gloss clear coat or clear epoxy on all the boils to make them look wet and shiny.

    100 will be a lot of work, but not too difficult if you have the space to do them in large batches and complete each step on as many masks as possible before moving on to the next step.  You can even have some fun and change the tones up a bit from batch to batch, so the final 100 all have slight differences.  (warmer/cooler tones or changes in saturation)

    That's just how I would do it, there's no wrong way!  Painting may not be your strong suit now, but maybe 100 masks will change that. ;)

  • good job!
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