Commission on (re)painting 3 busts

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Hello, I have (2) life size / 1:1 scale Batman and Joker busts which I want repainted both busts measure around 30" in height. I also have a smaller 2:3 scale Batman bust which I want painted, this one measures about 9.5" in height. I wish to make both 1:1 busts look as real as possible with most of the focus going to the mouth and eyes. I'm willing to pay premium. Please reply with some pictures of past projects. If not may someone please recommend a good studio who specializes in these kind of projects, I've already searched but most don't undertake "small projects" like this one and the avid sculpture and maquette artists online are ignoring my emails, what am I doing wrong?   


  • hello,  i would love to paint your busts, contact me through my site,
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