• This is my T-rex...Deano...that I sculpted out of recycled materials, covered with paper mache clay, and finished with marine spar varnish.  I obtained the complete osteology file of "Sue" from the Field Museum in Chicago and went to work sculpting each piece based on the dimensions of the file.  It measures 42 feet long and rises to 23 feet at the tip of the tail...and it weighs 7 tons.  A hidden internal framework composed of 1/2" X 3" diameter steel pipe provides support to the structure.  It took 3,386 hours to complete and assembly of the completed sculpture took 6.5 hours.  

    My son, Travis Fields, completed the radical paint job on Deano.  It represents a second chance at life...breaking out from the darkness represented by the brown color into the pristine white representing a brighter future to behold.  More on Deano and the interpretation of the project can be viewed at
    A video of the assembly condensed to less than 60 seconds can be viewed at  You can also see more of my projects here as well.
    Make sure to check out the T-rex teeth that I cast.  I made the mold from the largest T-rex tooth ever found measuring 15" in length from the serrated tip all the way down to the end of the root.

  • That is so amazing. This is a winner right here! It is museum quality and has a cool pose! 10/10!  :o  :) 
  • Thank you Aiden!  This was so much fun to make.  This competition is many quality pieces!
  • Night view with shadow cast.
  • Huge!
  • Dang, that's a whole lotta dinosaur. Terrific pose!
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