What material to use for resembling Coca Cola Liquid?

Hi all,

For a project we are creating large tubes that have to look as if they are filled with Coca Cola and Fanta liquid. We want to run accidental air bubbles through the liquid. The tubes are meant as exterior props on a Mobile Vending Machine. We don't want to use real Coke or water, due to shelf life etc.

What would you guys suggest, as an acceptable resemblance material?? A bit thicker viscosity would not be a problem...

Any help would be appreciated :)



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    You can use water with a few drops of bleach/chlorine in it to prevent anything from growing in it.  Then use food coloring to pigment as desired.

    If you want something a bit thicker, mineral oil would also work.  For that you would need to use oil based pigments.

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    Thanks again Chris for your quick reply! We're going to decide which solution fits best to our project. 

    In the future I'll try to upload some images of the final project(s) when finished :)

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