In-camera Effects Class

   Hi Guys, I just wanted to ask about the future (or lack there-of?) of the previously scheduled, rescheduled and then cancelled 'In-Camera Effects' class that was to be taught by Mark Sawicki earlier this year. I'm a devoted annual subscriber, had signed up for the class and was really looking forward to that one, in particular. 
   Are there any plans to try and schedule it again in the future? Are you able to say why it was ultimately cancelled the last time?
As practical effects groupies (and why many of us are drawn to the GREAT Stan Winston School to begin with), learning the in-depth details of the various in-camera shooting processes seem like a hugely important step in fully implementing the other great effects we get to learn here.
   Sorry. Blah, blah, blah. Please? ;)
I'm sure I'm not the only sad-sack on this topic. 
All the best. Take care,

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