Free Image Hosting Solution for Homework - DROPBOX

Hey everyone,

I just finished the Session Two videos and I believe Mony and possibly Susan had some issues with storing their homework images to post on the forum. I had the same problem as well but found a solution using Dropbox (www.dropbox.com). The service allows you 2.5 gbs of free storgage space and allows you to post to forums, blogs, and such without pesky adds.

It's pretty simple, but not completely straight forward:

1. Login into www.dropbox.com
2. Click on the PUBLIC folder. (you won't be able to post your images outside the viewer unless your in the PUBLIC folder)
3. At the top menu click UPLOAD
5. Browse your folder directories and choose an image to upload.
6. Click OPEN to upload.
7. Once uploaded, click DONE.

The image is now stored on Dropbox, to now post the image on the forum:

1. In the PUBLIC folder, select the image you want to post. (Don't click the image name or it will open the image. Click between the IMAGE NAME and KIND columns. It should now be highlighted in blue.)
2. At the top click COPY PUBLIC LINK (should resemble https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49726537/dcusak_assign01_01.jpg )
3. Copy that link and paste into the forum!

Hope this helps! 


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    Hi David,

    I follow your step by step, I try, very simple you're right. I will post my next photos by this way it will more comfortable for all of you to see my pics bigger on the forum.

    Many thanks!
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    David CusakDavid Cusak ✭✭✭
    Happy to hear this worked for you! I wasn't sure if Dropbox would be a great solution outside the states.
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