My son who is 11 is obsessed with Jurassic Park and all things Dinosaurs, I told him about this contest and he wanted to enter. I am proud of him for getting his stuff out there at this age. As he wants to be an artist and sculptor.


  • You amaze me with every year that passes. I see greatness in you Georgie and you will only get as much as you give. Never give up. the more you practice, the better you'll get. It's a process of learning from the mistakes and making the concept become a finished masterpiece. Sometimes it's takes me months to draw just one picture. It sometimes doesn't happen overnight. Sometimes it does
  • He did that? Wow, he's good, and if he keeps perfecting his craft, he'll be even better one day.
  • Thanks so much Thomas and Timothy! I am very proud of George! He is super creative!
  • im 11 as well!!!!! great job!!....check out mine its called terminator vs rex...good luck!!!
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