My first Dragon head

edited May 2015 in Sculpture
Hi, Im Gabriel and i want show you a dragon head that i designed and made, with wire, foam and fabric.
This was my first dragon because i generally make dinosaurs and extinct animals. 
I hope that you like my job.
first going to show you a pair of drawings as sketch for the big drake

after sculpt the teeth and horns one by one, i had to putting the foam on the structure, soldier by my uncle (he is mechanic, then he help me when i have to make structures)

later with foam i give form to the big horns, because can not be so heavy and made the basic idea to the eyes

then i cover the foam with the fabric and i cover the big horns with plaster to give them hardness

finally the last things like the tongue and painting.

and Finish D 

I thought in make a video tutorial about this dragon, what are you think about that?
Thanks, i hope that you liked my art


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