Dromaeosauridae (ok, Raptor) Stop Motion W.I.P.

Is this the best art contest ever? :D 

So, this contest came on the right time. I've recently bought a few supplies to make a stop motion puppet. I watched the Stop Motion course from Chiodo Bros, and since them I haven't done anything related, which is a shame. So I think this is the right time to do it!

Anyways, I little intro about myself. I'm a character animator, currently working on a animated TV Show . Although all my work is in 3D, I love stop motion and hope to work more on that medium in the future.

I'll post my WIP here.  I think this will keep me more motivated to make it :)

For now, just a simple drawing. I'm keeping the design quite generic just make room for changes while I'm building the puppet. 

Anyways, excited to see all your art! 




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    I totally approve of this idea! I've been looking on here for a while, and I haven't seen anything like it!
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    Thank you Aiden! I really hope I can make something good until the deadline date. Work is consuming my day, but I'll make sure to grab the weekends to build something contest worthy :)
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