My Davy Jones mask sculpt

Hiya, Just joined Stan Winston School, so thought I'd show my first serious sculpt. It was for a mask I was planning to make, which then turned into a full costume ...lol I had tried a couple of things previously with Plasticine but they weren't too good. I took a couple of pictures during the Davy Jones sculpt, but made some mistakes... Probably a bit ambitious for a first one, but there was a bet of honour challenge involved with a friend. The finished costume is shown in the finished costume forum. I haven't ever drawn or sculpted in my life and started around the beginning of this year, so a bit of a late starter at 52 ! I do wish I would have started earlier in life! Comments and critiques welcome, but gentle - new guy!


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    Love it!
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    awesome work :)
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    looks really great!
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