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It has only been a year and a few months since I realized I was able to even do this. it all began with a dare from my wife in early October of 2014. It all began with a pumpkin. Then I quickly realized how addicting it would become. I must have done at least fifty that October, not all for me. Then I started to venture into mask making then modeling. I still have a long way to go especially in the painting department but hey I'm teaching myself as I go. This is some of my work so far . Happy to share and would embrace any and all constructive criticism to help me become better at it. 


  • Great sculpts Paul!  Amazing how it can all start with something so innocent... next thing you know you're a habitual sculptor!

  • The feeding dragon is awesome!

    My habit started with a birthday present (elephant figurine) for my wife, so I get that :)
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    Thank you. They all are original works except the pumpkin with the stitched mouth. That is the only ever copied work I've done and it's origin is from one I saw done by Ray Villafane. I like to do originals only because they hold a deeper sense of accomplishment for me.

  • If you're a novice I don't know how to describe myself. I wish I was that good. The expression on the first pumpkin is incredible.
  • Ty Mike, I use a mirror to capture what my ugly grill can muster to gather expressions. I'm sure that there are short cuts I can take to achieve the same outcomes. I watch a lot of videos on youtube to get ideas of how to. I'm probably my worst critic I guess. After I work on something it never looks right to me until someone else tells me I'm nuts. I'm sure that your work is the same in that aspect. You just need someone to tell you your nuts. =)

  • I love them all Paul, definitely unusual and original,  you are very talented

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    Your off to a good start!,I would say,try to get more familiar with the human anatomy as much as you can..I find if you have anatomy flash cards they are very useful when creating the human form,makes it convenient to just bring out a card when you forget how to make a specific form,once you get to know the anatomy very well,then it's the best time to work on creatures so you don't get get the habit of making anatomically incorrect characters when the job calls for human characters. 
  • Cool work, i tried pumpin carving last halloween for the first time, its much fun to do :)
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