Lil' Gobble Monster

Hey ya'll, I'm just starting to be a little more active in these forums. Didn't get this little guy finished quite in time for the creature contest, but I thought I might share him anyhow, sooo...
meet the Lil' Gobble Monster!! A puppet inspired by playing with food, or more, plates. He's a sort of froggy, cricket-y little...thing, with a little antenna sniffer and two tails that can be used as lures for certain prey. It's also the first cute thing I've made, which is a big step for me =P



  • He's adorable!

    I like the texture you have on the fur and the green tufts.  Is it all the same fur material?

  • Thanks!

    It is all the same fur for the majority of the puppet. The color goes all the way through to the base so it has the nice polka dot patterning when trimmed down. =)
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