Jack Skellington candle holder

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This is a candle holder I made my mom for her birthday this year (she's a huge fan of the Nightmare Before Christmas!). I'm not super proud of the sculpture (except the face, I like it), and I'm pretty embarrassed by the paint...but overall I really liked how it came out! The glowing effect with a candle in it was exactly what I hoped for!

This was made in Sculpey Original. I had a really hard time getting any detail into this clay, though. It's basically like trying to sculpt a huge piece of bubble gum! Does anyone out there have any tricks for getting Sculpey to firm up a bit? I sure would appreciate any advice for working with this stuff! It's the only readily available clay around me, and the closest art store is about two hours away and doesn't even carry much clay...so if I could get this stuff to work for me when I'm out of my Chavant clay, that would be great!

Thanks for checkin' this out!

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    Love the face. Jordu Schell has some sculpey vids in the tutorial area. I believe that there are a couple of others as well. While I don't recall what they are offhand, I do believe that there are some fillers that you can add into it to make it a firmer clay to work with. Check those out and they may help you with that.
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    Great! I will check those out, thanks for the info!
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    No problem!
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    I think if u add 50/50 sculpy firm and sculpy orig... In sure i read that somewhere. Hope it helps. But check out the vids on here like the others surgest. X
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    looks great!
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    I've heard that if you place your sculpey on paper, some of the oils will leach out and leave the clay firmer. It's obviously not an exact science but it doesn't cost anything to try at least.
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