Spider Bear

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Here are images of the Spider Bears my twin and I built for a local LARP. I have a photo of the mother spiderbear and a concept sketch of the smaller drones - also a shot of their heads during construction but I don't have any current photos of a whole baby bear suit in action. The mother bear's teeth light up and change color, the smaller bears have monocolor white glowing teeth. Since this photo was taken the white foam in the mamma bear's teeth have yellowed, so it doesn't get most of these nice blues or purples anymore, it's all green and red.

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  • The jaw opens and closes with a bicycle brake line, and it's controlled by 1-4 people depending on whether or not the arms are broken. The arms are prone to damage and when they fail we have to have people outside of the suit swinging them separately.
  • Pretty cool design! Reminds me of the aliens from the movie "Attack the Block"! You have a great idea going for you, but I definitely think there is a lot of room for improvement! Keep up the great work and good luck! :smile: 
  • Thanks! That was the inspiration, we needed something extremely simple to build, and the fur saves time on sculpting. I read about how they designed the monsters in attack the block and a LOT of their requirements matched ours. So we built our own version of the attack the block monsters! These are just the first versions of the suits! Many more improvements are to come. Future monster designs will be progressively more original, we didn't want to go too crazy on our first build.
  • I see what you mean and I totally understand! I can't wait to see what else you come up with in the future as you further develop your skills!
  • Thanks, Joshua!
  • No problem! :smiley: 
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