Dragon Build

Hey all,

This is my first time posting on here so first off I'd like to say thankyou for stanwinstonschool.com.   I started making latex masks about 13 years ago and am very happy to have found this site.  I've watched several of the tutorials so far and each has taught me at least one thing that has really helped me improve in my craft.  My hope is that I can keep improving and eventually do this as my full time job.

The Dragon I'm making is for a game called Requiem.  Requiem is a LARP I run in New England and I make a lot of the masks, costumes and props for it.  Our season finale is coming up this November and I'm working on what I hope will be an epic costume for the final battle of the year.  I thought I'd post here because for one I'd love feedback and advice but mainly because I'm following a lot of the steps outlined in tutorial Make a Dinosaur by Ted Haines so I thought you might like to see how it progresses. 

Concept art:

Our plan for the event is to have the players retreat into the main hall of the building and then the Dragon crashes through the main double doors with its head, its tail reaches around the building to swipe at them through the side door and the claw/ wing reaches in through the other side door.  I have 4 weeks left as I write this and the frame support for the head may be large enough that I could attach the tail an make the dragon have an actual body allowing us t have a field fight instead.  This will of course increase the budget so we'll see how far I get over the next week and reevaluate then.


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