Android Femme

This character design was aimed to get innovative.  A silicone prosthetic that actually had flickering EL Wire under the skin. Special polycarbonate optical strips were embedded into the piece as well.  Sculpted in wax sheeting was necessary to see all the placement marking, to make sure everything aligned.  A matrix mold was made to get a resin positive of the model
( a tracking guide was then added to create a negative channel for the lights in the finished piece), the sculpt was created, a two-part fiberglass epoxy mold was made. The silicone was pre-colored with various white pearlescent powders and Skin Illustrator Platinum liquid color. A breast plate was made of carbon fiber to keep a solid form in the tight latex dress. A custom back of the head piece with a light message fan installed was made. Ear covers were also fabricated. ( I went back to a number of Stan Winston school dvds I have to help me refine the process!!) Enjoy.



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