Kribell's Wolf

In the 1960s, the small town of Bue,was witness to a strange occurrence that would forever change their understanding of life. On a warm June night, just two miles out of town on a distant dirt road, a couple claims to have seen an upright large wolf that ran across the road with a large stride. Thinking to best keep it to themselves, they kept it a secret. Later that night, two more sightings occurred. The next day it was reported to the sheriff's department where it was dismissed as a prank. Weeks passed until they received an anonymous phone call, from hunters that claimed to have seen this so called wolf man, late at night stalking deer. When hearing this, authorities conducted w three day search for the beast. Early morning on the third day of an exhausting "goose chase", word was received that the Maple Cemetery beheld a gruesome sight. Three graves had been discovered, dug from the ground, the corpses within the coffins, had been mutilated beyond belief. As the years passed, sightings of the creature became less frequent and it faded into legend. Nowadays, the case has been rediscovered and has since been released to the general public. With the few surviving eyewitness accounts, considered noteworthy should be, they all described the same thing, to the exact detail. A large bipedal wolf, with three distinguishable scars across the chest, and a long greasy mane. For those who believe what they saw, they all carry the burden of fear, the fear that this wolf man will return, and strike with ease upon its helpless victims...

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