Imaginatio humana (Creature Bust Sculpture)

Blake BradleyBlake Bradley ✭✭
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I'm not fully done with the sculpt and have yet to paint the head and add hair. The tongue, teeth and eye are finished though. It has a foam base with wet air dry clay for the basic shape and then a thin outside layer of AVE's fix-it sculpt.

The concept:
When we were young our "imagination" ran wild. Were we went and what we saw all seemed so real. That is until we were told that the things we've been "imagination" are nothing but dreams and fairy tails thus killing our fantasy's. We begin to no longer own our reality and our "imagination" begin to fade and die. This creature represent a killed dream, It's head mounded on a wooden plague as the trophy for its murder and reminds us that what we believe to be real will always be real. I want adults, teens and children to walk into the room and question everything they've be told about reality when viewing this life-like piece. To aspire to "imagine" and play again.

I have given this creature the species name "Imaginatio humana" which is Latin for "(From the) human imagination".

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    Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
    Awesome... really, really cool.

    If i had more space in my 56qm apartment, i would also make such big things too.

    Very impressive work.

    From which material are the teeth?


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    Thank you @Kai Rottmann it was a fun project. The teeth were made from Ave's fix it sculpt, same as the whole sculpture. Instead of sculpting the teeth well the material was workable I roughly formed them from the left over compound when I mixed to much. Let that harden, used a Dremel to give them the rough small texture, painted with watercolor and added a few layers of clear nail polish 
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    Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭

    Okay, thank you for that info Blake ;-)

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    great work @Blake Bradley
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    Thanks @Thomas van der Veer I need to finish this one actually

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