Midweek user group meeting

Hey Guys!

How is wednesday morning 9 am PDT for everyone for a Midweek user Group meeting?



  • Works for me.
  • David CusakDavid Cusak ✭✭✭
    It'll take a bit of wiggling, but I'll do my best to be there!
  • Should be good for me :)
  • can t be there )-: hope all you can enjoy! see you on saturday!
  • I believe I could make it :) I'll try my best to be home by then.
  • David CusakDavid Cusak ✭✭✭
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    Great get together this morning! Made for a perfect start to my day!

    @Marita You are one badass ginger! How you're not creating armor for WETA stumps me. You obviously put a piece of yourself in each one.
    @Chris Thanks for some insights into the industry, the art world in general, and sharing a glimpse of your zBrush work! Change your profile pic! That beard needs some bragging time!
    @Mony You possess some seriously uncommon observations skills, picking up on details I would never have noticed. That ability is easily one of the reasons your portraits are elevated beyond your already stunning technique. I'm going to be extra, extra bashful the next time I'm on v-chat and my nose is rocking a blemish.
    @Brian Thanks for popping in (even if driving!), the tour, and busting my balls to get on my homework! Completely unexpected! NO MORE video chatting while driving for you sir! We're kinda attached to you staying in one unblemished piece! And tell Bruce thanks for letting us drop in and for spending some time with us last week. Really enjoy these extras!

    See ya Saturday!

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  • oh no i somehow missed the midweek chat did you guys have a god talk? greez

  • Christopher VaughanChristopher Vaughan ✭✭✭✭✭
    Sorry we missed you selina!

    @David Lol. Thanks man it was fun.

    @everybody love to see you all there next week it was a lot of fun!

  • The hangout's open at any time if we want to hop in. It was fun (even just listening).
  • David - Awww shucks, thanks :) I do love armor making! *does an epic warrior pose*
    Selina - Oh darn. Maybe you'll be able to join the next week? That would be great! :)

    It was really fun meeting up with those of you who made it! I would love for more of you to join in for some small talk, and maybe share some artsy experiences. I'll bring tea and muffins ;)
  • Christopher VaughanChristopher Vaughan ✭✭✭✭✭
    Wednesday at 9 am  will be our 2nd mid week user group meeting hope to see you all there!
  • I have to get on this forum more, I am missing so much!
    I have been busy getting the store set up for the Grand Opening , but that's over now so I will have more time to check in.
    Unfortunately wednesday I'm working so I will miss the meet up. :(
    But I do promise to get more involved in the forum, looks like so much fun!

  • David CusakDavid Cusak ✭✭✭
    Hey guys, I'm monumentally stuck at work so I won't be able to play today. Man I am grumpy about it, real grumpy, but if there is any way I can sneak away and say hi I surely will. Kinda somehow miss you guys when you're not around :)
  • David CusakDavid Cusak ✭✭✭
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    Many of us are having a hard time making the mid-week meet ups (and are quite grumpy for it) so if anyone's up and wants to sculpt together I'll try and log on every Sunday at 10 AM PST and hang out for a few hours. See ya then!
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  • Christopher VaughanChristopher Vaughan ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hey guys I won't be able to make the Wednesday, 9 am Mid-week User Group  I will be in the Casey Love preview.

    With that said, on Thursday at 9am Don is going to stop by.

  • I was thinking about looking at the Casey Love preview again.
    I'll probably be on the hangout too, or after. 
  • Same here, Mony :) I'll be attending the webinar with Casey Love, and pop over to our regular hangout after it's finished. See you guys there! 
  • Trying to be very naughty and sneak joining in from work. At the very least eaves drop!
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