Extraterrestrial Friend

Here's my entry for the Creature Contest:

Extraterrestrial Friend

A little backstory... Luce is an enlightened being coming from Sirius, a star close to the Orion Belt. Luce was here even some lifetimes ago, we always find each other in our incarnations on various Planets and times even here on Earth... the last time I remember well, was during the Construction of the Pyramids, more than 10000 years ago, we used antigravity and sound to build them... ;) that's all for now, but the story just began...

I wanna thank Jordu Schell and the Stan Winston School for the amazing tutorial on making a super sculpey miniature head, I suggest everyone working with sculpey to buy it, full of info and Jordu is so fun to watch, if I could reach the realism I am reaching is even thanks to Jordu and his advices!


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