Eye balls

Here are some eyeballs I made after buying the great DVD from SWSCA!


  • wonderful!
  • Woah! Excellent work! (Gonna have to watch that one...)

  • Is that the John Cherevka DVD?
  • Yes it is. It is a lot of work but well worth it. Especially if you have a project that you want weird looking eyes. You can't really just get zombie or custom eyes. That is why I started helping people out with Zombeyes on facebook. Just a little company where I do work for people that need affordable custom styles
  • Kurt feel free to post some information about them and a link to your facebook page we are artist/model kit friendly here as long as it is not too spammy.
  • Nice!
  • I like that work...

  • Kurt, Really nice work. I too like that tutorial. Where did you get the eye core masters to make your molds from? I have been trying to find something like this. Thanks.
  • matthew, the eye cores are available at kenstools.com, I believe the same guy who made the video.

  • Yeah totally, check out kenstools. He is a great guy
  • I watched the video and ordered the eye making kit from Kenstools.com and I'm finding the clear acrylic a bit tricky.  I've done 8 eyeballs now and I keeo getting what I think are very tiny bubbles that make my iris look cloudy.  I'm using a pressure pot and still getting this problem.  The eyes would look amazing if I can fix this problem.  Any tips that you can give with working with the clear acrylic?
  • Rob, Kurt and Randy, Thanks for the web site info. I went and bookmarked the page for a time when I get a chance to get back to sculpting. Matthew
  • What's the diameter of the eyes made with the Ken's Tools mold kit?

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