Greytooth - my submission to the Creature contest

This is Greytooth, a necromancer/wisard of the dark Arts that I created a few years ago (the above picture was posted on my DeviantArt 2012). 

I have changed his background a bit through the years, but a few things are still left unchanged; He is a trader by day and wizard of dark arts by night. He is fond of jewelry and expensive objects and often carries a belt made by coins around his waist - just to show how rich he is (when in fact he rarely sell any stuff because he wants them for himself). He is pretty vain and stubborn but is also very loyal to his closest friends. 

He belongs to a wizard and witch "community" you could say, that when they grow older they often cover their faces by veils or scarfs. Reason behind it is that they pull their wrinkled skin back on their heads with pins to hide their age and then covers it up by lavish and big hats. The pulled back skin creates stares - therefore the veils. :smile: 



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