Eons ago, many mythical and magical creatures roamed the mystical land of Parihaa.  Now-a-days most of them have become myths, some became myth and legend and others took places in the children’s stories. Their characteristics vary from place to place. Not many believe in them anymore. Only a few still believe that the legends are true. The descriptions and details can be found in the remaining few copies of the Journal of Alamoor: The Journey of the Great Wanderer. Its original copy was lost in time. These are taken straight from the pages of the journal.


On my journey to the Forgotten Land, I heard about these creatures from the village elders. These creatures lived in the swamp land. They are elementals; males are fire and earth elemental while the females are air and water elemental. The swamp lands are covered with mystical fog. In the centre of the swamp lies a mystical island where lives the third kind. They create illusions. According to elders, this kind of Nagerul is highly spiritual. The illusions they create are the greatest fears of the seeker and they use it to reveal the truth one seeks, that is why this kind is known as the Oracle. But the illusions are so difficult to overcome that most of the people get lost in it. Only a chosen few have ever come out of the illusion. Each one of them described all the three kinds of Nageruls; but as of my point of view, the description they gave about the Oracle seems rather confusing. I believe that the Oracle never appears in its true form. Instead it creates an avatar of a tree Goddess and reveals the truth. I doubt whether the island truly exists or not.

According to the elders the outer land area is roamed by the male creatures. They are brute and physically very strong; they are impervious to fire. They have no eyes but they sense their surrounding through the vibration created by their footsteps. Direct confrontations are not recommended.

The inner watery part is for the female creatures. They have iced wings and they use the fog as a cover to sneak attack. They probably sense the body heat radiating from their victims.

During the mating season, once in every ten years, the female comes on land to mate and lays its eggs in the water. The male eggs are stored on the land probably in some caves and the female eggs are buried in the mud. Elders mentioned me about the Oracle eggs. They are very rare, probably once or twice in hundred years one oracle egg was laid by the female. It is probably a natural aberration. Only a couple of people have ever seen an Oracle egg.

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