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here's my creature for this contest.
i originally planned him as a hand puppet, but i didn't got the materials so i just drew him.
his name is SpinoCroc AKA SpinoSuchos dermotexdura (from Latin:spiky crocodile with textured skin), which is a references to Spinosaurs and Dinocroc (a fictional giant crocodile).
this creature combines everything i've been liking in monsters for years, i originally thought about him 6 years ago and it was one of my dreams to create the perfect beast. and now you see his basic form.
that been said, let's get on to the details:
length- 100 meters
height-50 meters
powers- can fire a powerful atomic ray equal the strength of the Showa godzilla's atomic ray,can use his jaws,tail and claws to slice his enemies, can absorb and reflect energy using his sail.

note- this is only his first form, hopefully next time i'll to his more powerful form and do it as a puppet or a sculpture.

so that's my entry, see you next time!  
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    why no one is watching this?
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    Hi Itay,

    Your sketch is great, thanks for submitting it!  I hope you are able to find the materials to make it a puppet like you mentioned, I'd love to see what you come up with.

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