Vi'Taly: creature of Tamarak Lake- creature costume

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Michigan is home to many cryptids... Vi'taly is just one of many monsters that roam the swamps deep in the murky darkness of the forests...

 since been haunt 
Vi'taly was created in a weeks time 4 years ago and he has been haunting Michigan and its surrounding areas ever since. He features a various array of cast resin horns, a rotary cast resin face, jawset, XL claws, and resin hooves. His NFT mane and tail will forever be unruly as his LED silicone white eyes light up the night. His face is a hand dyed Antron fleece skin, airbrushed for details. Micro-wefting and wefting were employed for blending. Silicone paw pads finish his heavily clawed hand, allowing him to slash territorial markings into the surrounding woodland. I wouldn't follow those tracks hunters, it's a trophy you won't be wanting to find..
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