Spook-rogue taxidermy creation

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"A flash of a tail, a compass gone missing. Rustling in the bushes followed by that camp light you just had a moment ago vanishing into thin air. Perhaps a younger sibling has snatched it away, or perhaps... it's something more... A Spook is the prankster of a larger sort. Harmless fun to them, but certainly an irritation to you.Tent collapse in the middle of the night? You sure it was the wind? The Spook has been weaving it's way though history right along side the gremlins, even if it hasn't been making history. Some of the smaller tricksters, like foxes and coyotes, will get into garbage cans, tents, packs, and even the mechanical workings of vehicles. Flammable things and explosives may even draw in the more adventurous Spook, causing landslides, avalanches, explosions, and other natural disasters if the right materials (a.i. dynamite, etc.) are found. If such items are located, a Spook will steal it, carrying what it can in it's powerful jaws far away before poking and prodding it with curious paws and teeth...

Larger wolf-like ones, however, will have you wandering deeper into the woods, following a mysterious glow. They mean no harm, just a little game of Hide-and-Seek... and your "It"...

They say a Spook is created when a wandering spirit finds a broken vessel and inhabits it, performing unfinished tasks or strives for one last adventure. A traveling soul can be sealed to a hand made body, or so they say, but no one really knows.. Any ravings of creatures in the night are written off as rantings of the mad anyway..."

A Spook is a one of a kind hand crafted rouge taxidermy mount. Often times they are articulated with LED 'pupils', they serve as companions, reference, and more. The Spook title and design is under federal copyright and trademark. I went through good lengths for these guys so if anyone has any questions or clarity I would be more than happy to answer.  
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