Week One Homework ***Your HomeWork for Week one Goes Here ****

In this discussion: Please upload the images (2) of your work on your clayboard by Midnight (12AM PDT) Thursday, Oct 31st, (Latest Friday Morning). So Don has time to asses your work and prepare as helpful a critique as possible.


  • This is obviously not done, but I thought I'd put up an in progress shot of my power of the X work in one part of my board.



  • Here's week one's homework...
  • Here is my homework for week one, one full shot and one detail shot of the eyes.

    I had some trouble with my wipe out tool, which has a slanted edge.  Trying to find a pure flat only lead me to paint wipe out wedges which are a bit too soft for clay. I have some on order and should have them by Tuesday for the next assignment.

  • And here's the detail shot. I couldn't upload them both together for some reason.
  • Here is my homework assignment. I have ordered the clay and tools but they have not yet arrived.  I signed up for the workshop late as I did not think I would be able to clear my schedule.  However, I wanted to have my assignment in.  So this is stoneware clay.  It is still too wet to really sculpt on.  But at least, here is something.  I can redo the assignment when the correct clay arrives should you want me to.
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