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Simon has been incredibly naughty... As usual. He knows his mother will be furious when he returns to his dimension, which is partially why he has remained here for the last 15 years. 

He enjoys:
Scampering through the woods just out of sight giggling.
These soft, chewy, pink humanoid things that seem to be everywhere.
Holding his little arms up as if he wants a hug.
Hiding in baby buggies, high chairs and bathtubs waiting for that moment you realise that the shape you assumed was your child is in fact... not.

This is my second entry in the creature contest and again he is created using the 123d sculpt app on my ipad.

Do NOT try to hug him back.

If anyone wants to see more of my creations you can find me on facebook :) 

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    Nice details!!
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    chrischris ✭✭
    thanks :)
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    This naughty creature reminds me a mix with the Critters, Jack Skeleton from Burton's movie, a licker and Danny De Vito (no offence I love him)!
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    chrischris ✭✭
    Haha excellent analysis Luca :) I can see them all in him too now you mention it.
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