Floating Horror

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Here is my first application to the creature contest.

Hope you enjoy!

"They call them floating horrors, no one seems to knows where they come from, or if they even exist. They have only been rarely reported by sailors, who claim to see them gathering in the mist and solemnly following the ship moments before being hit by horrendous lightning storms. Some claim to hear them wail in unison as the storm hits. Rumors of them emanating from a fractured, glowing rift in the clouds have gone unsubstantiated.  There are very few survivors of such storms, and none who are sober enough to be considered reliable witnesses. It is the opinion of this investigator that they are merely the figment of addled imaginations and do not warrant further time or investigation."

William Thacker.
(East India Company investigator, 1590-1640)

I created the creature on my ipad using an app called 123d sculpt. Its nowhere near Zbrush but its very quick, accessible and easy to use.  

If anyone would like to see more of my work you can find me on facebook :)


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