The Velvet Lilymander!

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 This puppet is the "Velvet Lilymander" an amphibious creature that uses its mouth, disguised as a flower, to catch prey- this puppet's throat inhales and exhales like a frog's using a built-in air sack, its mouth is a hand puppet, and glows in the dark as bio luminescence to catch prey at night!~ 
The Lilymander have broods of several hundred at a time, and compete for mates in competitions of strength, the males doing elaborate push-up displays or catching large prey as offering to the females (often at the risk of their lives!). Lilymanders hunt at all hours, sleeping in short bursts in the safety of the swamp lands. Despite the velvet appearance of their skin, it is extremely porous, allowing them to be away from water for long periods. Lilymander have been known to eat their own kind or compete for carrion when food is scarce.
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  • love green velvet same as the blue one...nice work
  • thank you very much!
  • This is an amazing puppet.  Love the design.  This is exactly the type of puppet that I want to start making, more "realistic" designs and fabricating, not so much on the "muppety" side.
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