Hello! I’m new to discussions but I was hoping I could get some advice on a silicone and face casting project. I have been asked to make a silicone face of a model. This will be my first time doing a face cast/ making a negative mold. 

what steps would I have to do different when doing the face cast in order to make a negative. And how would I go about making the negative as far as making the keys, what materials to use? Thanks!


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    In my experience, I've used body double standard mixed with hyperfolic. Just make sure your model is either cleaned shaved or closely shaven. For the first layer I also mix in a little silicone thinner to thin the mix so it's easier to capture that detail. Then after the first layer I use 2 coats with no additives. Let dry and peel off your models face. After that patch up the nose holes. 

    I'm not an expert by any means as I've been doing this for less than a year but this method works for me. 
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    Lifecasting is one challenge you want to make sure you are fully prepared for before diving in.  There are lots of safety concerns, and steps you have to take to make sure the final product turns out the way you expect it to. 

    This course covers a lot of what you would need to know:

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