Sculpting the eye lid for silicone mask

   I'm making a sculpture of an old man for a silicone mask, and I have been trying to figure out how to make the eye.  I originally sculpted it with an eye lid, but when I looked at other masks, like Immortal masks, the lid is not there and its a big open hole.  So, I was just wondering if there are any references or if anyone has advice on how to sculpt the eye opening for my eyelid to fit into?
Thank you, 


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    Hi Aiden,

    I don't have any specific references, but looking at the work of experts like Immortal Masks is a great starting point.

    You are correct that silicone masks typically don't have eyelids, as they usually blend into the wearer's eyes.  Sometimes that can be helped by hiding the blend with a wrinkle, eye-bag, or other detail.  Looking at reference masks should help you get a good idea of how you might achieve that result with your own sculpt.   Adding makeup around the wearer's eyes can also help achieve a more seamless blend.


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    Thank you, now I have an idea of how to sculpt the eye.  Looking at the mold making course helped as well because they showed the sculpture before they molded it.
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    Glad you are on the right track.  Hope you can share your progress with us here!
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