Lip synch

Hi everyone,
I am making a robot head having moving eyes and mouth and speaking through DfPlayer mini Mp3. My problem is to synchronize the lips movement with the audio. It is not important to follow exactly the phonems, it is OK if the mouth makes random movements while a sentence saved on a SD card is read by the loud-speaker attached to the DfPlayer and arduino UNO. In all my attempts, arduino is executing Servo.write() command and Mp3.play(n) command one after the other. How can I make them simultaneous ?


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    I would look at the libraries to make sure that none of the functions being called have a delay.  Everything should be able to fire one after the other.

    You should be able to get the servo to move with the amplitude of the audio.  I found a few examples by searching "arduino move servo to audio". Hopefully that helps.

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