2 stage 4 way tentacle HELP lol

Hi all! So I’ve decided to build a 2 stage 4 way tentacle. It’s built out of aluminum discs it’s about arms length with half way being the end of the first stage. I have extension spring going through the first stage and motorcycle conduit coming from the end of the spring to the controller. The distance I have right now from controller to tentacle is approx. 14-16 ft. I do realize that’s far from the tentacle but was hoping to be able to have the distance to hide the puppeteers off camera. 

The last stage of the tentacle is moving great, but the first stage I can’t get to do too much before contorting on it. My theories are length of cable, spacing of discs, and perhaps just learning how to puppeteer properly but any help would be appreciated! 


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    The first stage will be a bit harder to control, since it's supporting the second stage, making it a bit top-heavy.  Having larger hand leavers can help there, so you get more leverage.  

    Longer cable runs will introduce extra friction and require more force to move, but 14-16' is not out of the ordinary.  Making sure there is no slack in the cable will also help, so you are not using up part of your movement taking up the slack and applying tension.

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