Latex dwelling

I have made all my latex masks in the past via rotocasting, but want to try dwelling. I really want to thin the latex before dwelling, so that I don't get any air bubbles in the blank. I tend to get them a lot. How long should I dwell it if it's really thin?


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    I would not thin the latex for your first dwelling tests.

    One tip for dwelling is to very lightly dampen the inner surface of your stone mold, which helps the latex work its way into the details.  You don't want the surface dripping wet, just slightly saturate the mold surface.   You can also brush some latex around the surface before pouring it all in for dwelling if you are worried about air being trapped.  Vibrating or tapping the mold can also help release any trapped air bubbles.

    How long you dwell will depend on your mold material (Ultracal vs Hydrocal, etc) and the latex formula you are using.  I'd start by dwelling longer and then dialing back.  Anywhere between 2 and 6 hours is common.


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