Making a Master Copy / Multiple Molds for Latex Props

To keep it short, I've been trying to find a clear, straight to the point explanation of how to make multiple molds of the same piece.

For context, I make latex masks and props, and I currently use USG No. 1 to make one mold of a sculpt. I need to be able to make multiple plaster production molds for my latex pieces, but I am confused about the process. Any information I can find online has so-far not involved the specific materials I use or end result I desire. 

So, in the most straightforward way possible, I'm hoping that someone can explain those steps for me. Thank you!


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    Typically what you would do is make your master mold of the original object, then cast multiple pieces (let's say 10) from that master mold.  You can then arrange those 10 pieces in a grid and make a single "gang mold" of them.   Or if you like, multiple individual molds.  You then hang onto your original master mold and cast new pieces out of it whenever you need to make a new gang mold, as over time molds wear out.

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