My second attempt at sculpting with clay

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This is my second go round at sculpting. With this one I wanted to model the design after Kurt Barlow and see where it takes me. I used WED clay again, and again I was unable to keep up with the clay. I move slow due to available time, lack of experience, and "being overly critical" so I'm told  to where I'll constantly change things, and it dried out on me again (yes even after spray bottles of water, paper towels and trash bags at the end of each session.) I'm thinking it maybe better to go with the Chavant oil based clay next time.


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    Sorry to hear it dried out on you.  When you leave it for a long period of time with wet paper towels/trash bag, you have to tend to it like a plant, checking on it every so often and spraying it with more water.

    That's why I like oil-based clays like Chavant NSP or Monster Clay.  But WED can move super fast since it is so soft, you can really make a lot of progress with it in very little time.  I suggest starting with the soft formula of what ever oil-based clay you choose.  Firmer clays hold more detail and it's harder to mess up your details when handling the sculpture, but they require a lot more heating to make them soft enough for big changes.  I also find I work more with my hands when using WED clay, and for firmer oil clays I have to rely more on tools (or your hands will end up hating you)

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