Painting urethane soft foam?

Hello all,
 I have recently tried flex foam-it 3, and it's a very interesting material, for stuff that doesn't need to stretch it can be really useful, and I'm already thinking about uses for other foams with their different consistencies, from props to costume parts, but...
Isn't there a way to paint it easily? I mean, I know there are urethane rubbers that you can use as paint medium for it, but they have the drawbacks of being two parts, so you have your timer going, hard to clean and I wouldn't risk running them through an airbrush.
I tried to see if silicone caulk sticks, as I've seen the lesson where it's used as plat silicone paint, and in general sticks to most surfaces, but of course it doesn't stick, as silicone doesn't stick to urethane.
I've read people saying flexible acrylic paint works, but I've tried liquitex heavy body and it will just rub off the shiny outer skin very easily.
I've also read that if you powder the mold beforehand with starch it will yield a better surface for painting, is that true?
Do you guys have any advice on this topic? It seems that it isn't a material used widely enough to make it easy to find info on it...


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    Powdering it may help, but you will want to wash off any powder before painting.  How much it will help I'm not sure, but you can always run a small test piece.

    If Liquitex on its own peeled off, you may want to try PAX (Pros-aide mixed with Liquitex)  paint as your first coat.  

    Createx also makes adhesion promoters that could help when having trouble getting an acrylic to stick to a surface.

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