Retired Brute - Creature Contest

Harry was an enforcer for the Crepuscular Chamber all his life. Hired muscle. No job was too dirty or unscrupulous for Harry. Not the most fearless, or intellectual member of the organisation, in fact, if his character was to appear in movie credits, it would be as ‘Thug #3’.

Harry has lived in an aged care facility for around three years now. His wife passed away four years ago, and it was becoming harder for Harry to look after himself in his own home, especially when it came to cooking for himself and maintaining a clean and tidy home.

Harry’s health improved measurably after he moved in to the facility, as he was eating regular, health meals and participating in exercise classes organised by the facility’s occupational therapists. Harry gets involved in many of the social activities at the facility, including outings in the bus and themed days that the lifestyle team coordinate. Most of Harry’s friends from his old life are no longer around, but his daughter and her family visit him most weekends, which he really enjoys.


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