Jhaarn creatures .https://youtu.be/qYYH2QzsXrE?si=li7gvZACVknKx2UV

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    Jhaarn, primordial creature

    He communicates through telepathy. It measures approximately 4 meters high and 2.50 meters wide. It weighs around 700 kg. It feeds mainly on herbs and fruits, however, it is capable of devouring its own weight in meat in a single day. It has a tail capable of creating poisons, It can fire bursts of it through several of its holes, with power comparable to RPG missiles. This insectoid creature is as old as the world itself, it was the first form of life on Earth. It is adapted to survive on the planet. Like Prometheus, Jhaarn also witnessed the creation of humans, he has known them forever. For a long time it helped them, providing them with tools, knowledge, protection and food, since the first hominids appeared. She has no eyes, nor can she move her neck, but she has the ability to perceive temperatures, electromagnetic fields, and echolocate, so she has a super-extended 360-degree vision over her territories, which she knows very well. She is peaceful, she no longer likes men. It is always willing to receive visitors, as long as they are worthy and interesting, otherwise it proceeds to devour them. He has a high intellect, he knew all the great empires, the great geniuses, he knows science very well, especially physics and the behavior of matter on earth. He prefers to be alone, he knows the beginning and seems to know the end, he only wants tranquilit

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