Hellraiser inspired Cenobite!

I created a character based on the original Hellraiser movies from the 1980s and some inspiration from the new cenobites as well!

Angelique was a major inspiration for this makeup, I first drew up some concept designs, then I premade some 3rd-degree silicone veins. This was for a character 'drag' final so on application day I woke up around 4 am to apply the bald cap to myself, and applied the 3rd degree cuts on my arms (just the skin flaps first no blood or color until the very end), and the 3rd-degree skin being pulled on my shoulders, I powdered all of the 3rd-degree and then drove to class (driving bald at 6 am lol).

I then did the color correcting of the hair, I blocked out my eyebrows with a glue stick, powder, color correction, and concealer, I did the face makeup with some airbrush (Iwata), eyeshadows, contour, and highlighting, especially on the neck, chest, and head. I also applied these small cylinder metal pieces on the nose to simulate piercings.

Once the face makeup was finished I went and applied my silicone veins, painted it all with the PPi Skin Illustrator palettes, blood tone, aged blood, vein tones, etc., then I applied fleet-street blood, coagulated mehron blood, and some scab blood as well as some blood mixed with a little bit of water (which I also applied to the shoulder silicone pieces). I put safety pins through the skin on the shoulders and attached them to the earrings with a small silver wire. I put together the wardrobe as well!

(Also I wear glasses so I had to do all of this while not having my glasses on since the bald cap and makeup would be messed up (I was not able to start my makeup until class started so I had to be strategic)). 

I will definitely be doing this makeup again but with more airbrush (this was my original plan but I was having difficulties so I decided to go back to using shadows for the sake of time)

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